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Rendimiento SQL explicado está también disponible en inglés, alemán, francés y japonés, y es popular en todo el mundo. ¡Ahora también en español!

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SQL Performance Explained goza de una valoración de cinco estrellas en Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk y Amazon.de.

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La prensa se refiere al libro con un “debe leerse” e incluso lo recomienda como uno de los autores de SQL estándar.

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“Es un buen libro con las bases muy bien explicadas y detalladas de la arquitectura de construcción de las bases de datos SQL.” (5-Stars)
Juan Pablo on Amazon.es

“I took a University level Relational Databases course that wasn't as useful as this book.” (5-Stars)
Arthur Maciejewicz on Amazon.com

“probably learned more in the first 50 pages than I’ve ever learned in that short amount of time reading a book.” (5-Stars)
Jack Leach on Amazon.com

“This is one of those books you want to have going around at the office.” Jef Claes on his blog

“SQL part of your work? Read SQL Performance Explained” (Honza Horak on his blog)

“Oh I really love it and I learned so many things in one week!” (Andy Wang on his blog)

“Once you start reading it it’s not so easy to put it down. ” (Andrew Marcinkevičius on his blog)

“I wish I had read this book a long time ago.” (Andrew Cooke on his blog)

“…a rosetta stone for SQL query tuning.” (Sean Hull on his blog)

“The number of new questions you post to stackoverflow.com may drop significantly.” (Michał Kołodziejski on the Vertabelo blog)

“This book is definitively worth having in the company library.” (4-Stars)
(Joe Celko, Former SQL Standards Committee member)

“…a ton of useful information for developers…” Denis Gobo on his blog

“…the practical real-world relevance of everything covered is quite unique.” (5-Stars)
(IK on Amazon.co.uk)

“The small tip boxes scattered around the pages alone have more valuable content than many other books.” (4-Stars)
(Daniel on Amazon.com)

“Nicely written and well explained. Must read for the developer.” (4-Stars)
(Al on Amazon.co.uk)

“It is a short book … I personally love this -
because the author has focused on what is important…”
(Morgan Tocker)

“…well written and is not too heavy on the guts of databases.” (5-Stars)
(Mr B on Amazon.co.uk)

“it helps the reader find their way to understanding the most complex problems” (5-Stars)
(Lukas on Amazon.com)

“An indispensable manual for anyone,
DBA, developer or system administrator”
(Luigi Zambetti on Amazon.co.uk)

“…just the right amount of detail for the typical SQL Developer…” (5-Stars)
(Chandrasekar Ravoori on Amazon.co.uk)

“A wonderful book…I highly recommend it.” (Anders Janmyr)

“Probably the best book on SQL performance I've read.” (5-Stars)
(Guillaume Lelarge on Amazon.co.uk)

“Every developer should read this book.” (5-Stars)
(Ronald Ploeger on Amazon.com)